We take care of our products from the beginning to the end.

Cashmere fibres are never the same, the material change by the climate but as well by the conditions how the animals are kept.
Therefore we have to invent on the condition of animal housing to receive a high class cashmere fibre – Only a happy goat produces first class cashmere fibre.

That is why we just work with the best wool manufactures like Loro Piana (founded 1924) and Frugone (founded 1885), who pass on their expert knowledge and the affection and respect for the product from generation to generation.

This intervention continues to the process of spinning yarn towards artisan knitwear products we produce. Our focus is justified to work with the finest wool, silk, angora and cashmere, knitted by little manufacturies that believe in the passion of craftsmanship and have that specialized knowledge to produce under great care our premium-qualitiy .


This sweaters are made of the finest selection of Mulbery Silk, combined with the most prestigious cashmere to make this exclusive yarn, which is surprisingly fine and have this true second skin effect.
Wearing it solo as a long or short sleeve shirt or underneath a blazer you always will have the perfect combination of being perfect dressed and feel absolutely comfortable.


A symbol and synonymous with luxury and comfort. The cashmere goat lives in a habitat where there are significant changes in the temperature between the day and night time, leading to the development of a finer and more prized undercoat known as down. This is the reason for the lightness, softness and temperature adjustment – so a sweater perfect for any season.
Subtle cut, fancy details makes our light cashmere collection to your ideal companion for every day of the year.


These sweaters are not only special for their material, they are also special for their manufacturing.
Every piece is knitted by hand in limited edition out of the finest cashmere fibre – so you receive a unique piece of luxury made by respect of nature and with passion of craftsmanship.